Prints to Buy

Buying a Judy Horan print for your office or home is an economical way to collect Canadian art for much less than the price of the original piece

It can also be much more versatile for your needs.  You are not limited to the size of the original and can choose the size you want for your space.

Judy Horan prints come complete with mat, frame, and plexiglas protection, making them easy to handle and to ship with the least chance of damage.

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Prints to Rent

Renting a Judy Horan print will give you the option of changing your look every couple of months (or 6 months or yearly).  As in “Prints to Buy”, you can choose the size you want to display and it will come ready to hang.

Ownership of the print will be retained by the artist and you will need to sign an agreement, to the terms of the contract.

If you are interested in renting a Judy Horan print, contact Judy to discuss the options.