Introducing my good friend
& fellow Canadian Photographer, Doug Ingram

Cards are inscripted on the back with
“Canadian Photographer, Doug Ingram”

All Note Cards are 5.5″ x 4.125″ folded and include a envelope
All cards are $3.99 each or all 9 cards for $25

Alaska - Doug Ingram - Framed reduced

Alaska 1

How many cards?

Doug Ingram fashion cards

Alaska 2

How many cards?

Alaska 2 - Doug - Framed

Alaska 3

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Yellow Lady Slipper - Framed cropped with border reduced

Yellow LadySlipper

How many cards?

Pink Lady Slipper - Cropped with border reduced

Pink LadySlipper

How many cards?

Dragonfly - Cropped - with border reduced


How many cards?

Doug - Squirrel (Framed) reduced


How many cards?

Doug - Moon (Framed) reduced

Full Moon

How many cards?

Blue Heron - Doug Ingram - Framed reduced

Blue Heron

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