A beautiful piece of Fine Art.
I love the gentle blue hue that was added to give it the feel of the morning fog, lingering on the lake. The loon is so life-like and I am thrilled with this purchase.
I ordered the framed, large print through the Pixel link, and it arrived in perfect condition.
 It was well packaged in multi-layers of cardboard and protective bubble wrap.

I am thrilled to have one of
Judy Horan's prints on display.
                   (Edward Bicket)

This is a very relaxing
Painting that would look
great in any room. 
                   (Timothy Draper)

Whoa!!!!! That’s totally incredible.          (Tony Clark)

This is beautiful.
Great job!     (Jameson Way)

So incredible...the detail is extraordinary! You are immensely talented, Judy...Love your work!               (Aurelio Zucco)

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