Watercolour on 90lb watercolour paper
Original Art is 14.5″x 20″ approx.
(unframed size)
Professionally matted & framed
includes "Certificate of Authenticity"

(includes free shipping within Canada)

Radiant, she stares back from her pose
In all her painted glory
Her beauty a painted soliloquy
Whispers her lonely story
I see the dark pain and the sorrow
In her sideways glancing eyes
Alone for too long with great numbers
One sees the tears that she cries
I wonder if joy lives inside her
Deep in her stark tortured soul
A myriad of dark emotions Screaming,
"I can't take the toll"
But also inside is deeper strength
Born in the furnace of time
It radiates out in the pastel shades
In colours muted in rhyme
  • Michael Garrigan

Thank you, Michael Garrigan for writing this poem for this paiinting. 
Thank you for seeing the vision.

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