Custom Art

  • Are you looking to have some custom artwork created? I would very much like to talk with you about that.
    Please have a look at my artwork on this site to know my style. 
    Send me a picture of your intended ideas and what size you would like it completed in.
    We can discuss what medium you are wanting and a time frame.
    Different mediums require different time lines, supplies, etc.
    I am open to discuss all your questions and requests.
    After I have a clear idea of what you want, I will be able to give you a quote.

        Note: Custom artwork cannot be guaranteed to meet all of your expectations, although it is what I strive for. 
                 It is not a lack of commitment, but a difference of perceptions between humans.
                50% of the quoted price will be required before work begins.  This will be non-refundable to offset costs & time
                The remaining 50% is to be paid on completion , , , no exceptions

A Different Kind of Custom Art

  • Here is a new way of having custom artwork for your wall
  • Do you have a wall space in your home, your office, or waiting room that needs a piece of artwork ?
  • Maybe you are having a difficult time finding the right colour or size for your space.
  • I have developed a few paintings that are geared to enhance any space and can be made in one of several sizes.
  • They can also be painted with the colour scheme you have in mind for your space
  • See paintings further down the page (Additional paintings are being created all the time)

For example:
Customer says," I like this picture   >
but the Magenta colour is not for me.
I would like the background to be blue and I would like it to be 16" x 20", framed"

I will paint you a brand new painting to fit your criteria that will be similar to the original by design.

  • New Original Paintings pricing are based on size
    & time required to complete
  • New Original Painting will be painted on a Stretched Canvas
  • The larger the painting, the more detail is added
  • Canvas edges will be painted black
  • Hanging Wire will be added

8" x 10" - - - - -  $120  *   framed - - - - - $150
11" x 14" - - - -  $180  *   framed - - - - - $230
16" x 20" - - - -  $250  *   framed - - - - - $350
18" x 24" - - - -  $330  *   framed - - - - - $500

Choose from these paintings. 
Change colours (or not) and choose a size.  Decide if you want it framed, or with just a hanging wire, or as is.
If this one here is a landscape & you prefer a profile, (or vice versa),the painting can also be adapted to that.


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