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“Soooo interesting. What a fabulous creation!”   (Leigh)

“Lovely composition xx” (Giorgia)

“Judy, these are brilliantly drawn. So much time and patience has gone into achieving this great work of art. Well done> Cheers . . “ (Ralph)

“Really super piece . . really fine 3d effect” (Eric)

“Wonderful drawing of this eagle, Judy!!! Marvelous detail and the eye is spellbinding! Wonderful work!” (Bob)

“The details are stunning. Eagles are my favourite bird and this one is so well done” (Ola)

“Excellent pen work. I am amazed at the detail in the eye. Just love this” (Kathryn)

“Great detail! His eye is amazing, as if he is watching for prey; very alert, just as they truly are. His feathers, to me, are lovely and very realistic. I love it all!!!” (Annie)

“Your work is very good. They eye on the eagle is so alive.” (Paula)

“Wow. Stunning ink work! Lovely, stylized feathers and intense stare.” (Jules)

“Hi Judy. Well, this is amazing. Lovely ink work with such brilliant and fantastic detail. Well done J (Steve)

“Oh God. The detail is perfect. Love it.” (Lanie Marie)

“Really excellent detail work on this Blue Heron, Judy. Your work is really superb.” (Paul)

“Really nice ink drawing . . in fact, it’s brilliant.” (Keith)

“Even as much as I dislike seeing these herons (because I have found them poised to attack my koi more than once), I still have to compliment you on the amazing piece of artwork!!! Detailing here is perfection! I should know . . I’ve seen enough of them!” (Kirk)

“Fabulous work, Judy!!!!! A common scene here in Montana, yet each one with unique character and story, as you have captured here! Lovely work!!!! My compliments!” (Elizabeth)

“This is a wonderful drawing that shows so much from the pioneer spirit that was the American plains. Great job, Judy.” (Mick)

“Judy, you have done quite and excellent structure with detail and your foreground as well.” (Norman)

“Amazing, Judy!!! Many compliments” (Angela)

“Beautiful drawing here, Judy. Very nicely rendered, wonderful detail.” (Sincerely, Doris)

“This is really good work, Judy. Love it” (Cecil)

“Judy, he is lovely and your skill with the pen is impeccable J)” (Linda)

“Love your technique. This is so cute” (Isabelle)

“Stunning drawing. Your technique is wonderful on all the details and the owl is more than lovely” (Jelena)

“This is an exceptional sketch, especially drawin with pen and ink. Most professional.” (Anne)

“So talented, so beautiful! Excellent ink artwork!” (Christina)

“Bautiful image here, Judy. Very nicely captured in inks” (Sincerely, Doris)

“Beautiful work, Judy! Gorgeous.” (Warmest Regards, Elisheva)

“What a great atmosphere you have created. I love your darks and lights. They give so much definition” (Lisa)

“SUPERB, J!! There’s something INCREDIBLY haunting and heartbreaking about this that I can’t seem to put into words. A truly REMARKABLE and deeply moving work” (Charlotte)

“Exceptional, Judy. Absolutely beautiful.” (Ken)

“Fine work, especially with the creation of tonal values.” (Jennifer)

“Your drawings are exquisite!!! These lilies are so beautiful . . . so well done!” (Juni)

“Judy, your drawing skills are second to none . . This is brilliant.” (Keith)

“I like this drawing very much, Judy. It has an illustrative quality; the blades of grass are wonderful and very detailed. She looks very peaceful and beautifully drawn” (Lesley)

“Such a gentle drawing. Beautiful detail. I would like to see this in oil.” (Chris)

Doorway 2

“I really love the twisted vines and greenery around the door – creates a frame and draws the eye to the door.” (Loni)

“There is something about a drawing of a doorway that moves me, perhaps it’s the mystery of what is behind the doorway. I love this, you have done well!!!” (Lesley)

“Very pretty!!!” (Christina)

“This feeds the eyes and senses, Judy. It reminds me of the old psychology tests where you were asked questions about what you could see. Is the leaf on top of the circles or underneath. I love the fact that you chose black and white as opposed to colour as it adds to the effect even further. The shading on the circles is fab and the 3d aspect is superb; they really look good. I love the leaf being darker and flatter, both make it prominent. All in all, a brilliant piece.” (Cerin)

“This is a feast for the eyes . . . such balance and movement, it is a wonderful, creative work with depth and story. I really love it! Right up my alley!” (Kindly, Karina xx)

“Wow. Beautiful work, Judy. I really love this one . . . really captivating” (Sonja)

“Aw. I just love the expression here; you see the essence of reading the smell in a beautiful face” (Iphie)


“Lovely! I love the simplicity of the strokes . . . lovely and cleverly portrayed” (Carol)

“Beautiful portrait. Lovely technique.” (Theodore)


“A beautiful, striking portrait and so beautifully drawn.” (Carol)

“This is truly beautiful. I love the depth in her eyes and really am surprised with what you have done with ink and paper. Love Love Love it.” (Becca)

“Judy, very beautiful. Love the ink work. This piece is simply stunning.” (Diane)

Cancer touches each and everyone of us in one way or another. This painting is dedicated to those who have had the disease and beat it, those who have had the disesase and lost the fight, and those of us who have supported and suffered along with the afflicted. Bless you and Fight On; Light On

“Very nice. I like it a lot” (Jim)

“Absolutely stunning, Judy!” (Tracy)

“Nice!” (Jeff)

“Flows beautifully, the colours look as in water. Gorgeous!” (Leigh)

“You do such beautiful paintings – so talented” (Beth)

“Very cool, Judy (Cool man speak for beautiful) (Michael)

“Oooh, I like it” (Lynda)

Canadian Winter

“Cute. You have a real talent” (Hilda)

“Beautiful work as always!!” (Cathy)

“I love this” (Cathy)

“So peaceful and calming, Judy. Love the lone seagull on the boat and love the colour choices. Beautful.” (Ken)

“The resting gull does it for me with this one, Judy and your coloured work is impressive! . . . “ (Michael)

“Lovely complimentary colours. The touch of blue, makes the painting” (Priscilla)

“You are having a wonderful time with this, with gorgeous results! Yay!” (Leigh)

“Lots of feeling again! Great!” (Jeff)

“Very nice, Judy. Reminds me of home” (Mary Ann)

“Really nice ‘feel good factor’” (Victoria)

“No words. I just love it” (Ana)

“Has a real life to it! Lots of mood! I like it a lot” (Jeff)

“Beautiful, Judy” (Melissa)

“Love the colours. They create a depth that makes the couple pop” (Mary Ann)

“So clean. I love the b&w contrast with colour and the defined silhouettes with the somewhat whimsical splashes! At least that’s how I see it anyway. I won’t bore you with my emotional interpretation. Lol!! Not really splashes and not as whimsical as whimsical can be, hard to describe.” (Leigh)

“Love your work on this one!” (Karen)

“It is beautiful ! ! ! ! ! ! “ (Michelle)

“Wow, so impressive. Love the perspective” (Laura)

“Love this” (Sandra)

“Wow, Judy! Love this! Beautiful!” (Rita)

“Breathtaking beautiful, dearest Judy, touching the soul! Love your technique” (Christiane)

“Nice work, Judy. Love the fog effect, the pure white in this is beautiful and effective” (Caroline)

“Judy, this is so beautiful!!!!!! You have such a lovely style with your watercolours. This is just dreamy!” (Elizabeth)

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