Original Artwork or
Limited Edition Prints.

Artwork considering “Professional Environments”
The artwork created by Judy and displayed here,
is suited to any location that tends to be quiet zones.
Professional offices, waiting rooms, green rooms,
bedrooms, living rooms . . . you get the idea.

Original Artwork or Limited Edition Prints.

Choosing Art & Decorating Tips

Art can be made and viewed for so many reasons . . .
to leave the viewer with questions, to invoke disquiet or anger,
purely for decorative purposes or to soothe and calm the soul.
I choose the serenity of nature in my art . . .
colour that brings you back to the earth
and black and white that helps to define the lines.

Each colour tends to promote a different emotion.
To develop a particular mood in a room,
start with a background colour (on your walls),
that is not your main target emotion,
but will compliment your target emotion.
Your target emotion colour should show in your wall art
and also in your accent pieces.

• BLUE – loyalty, peace

• GREEN – money, healing

• YELLOW – energetic, happy

• PURPLE – luxury, ambition

• PINK – healthy, compassion

• RED – passion, desire

• ORANGE – courage, confidence

• BROWN – outdoors, conservative

• WHITE – purity, fresh

• GRAY – reliability, intelligence

• BLACK – elegance, formality

Browse all original pieces of artwork by Canadian Artist, Judy Horan
.Find the perfect fit for your home or office setting.

Judy’s Art

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