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Judy’s Most Recent Works

Mus . . ic

Music in watercolour.  The calm is broken in a young woman’s serenity.  (watercolour)

Pink Skies

Look up into the morning skies.  A promise of a beautiful day or warning of storms to come? (watercolour)

Winter Hideaway

Maybe in the summer, this lake is a busy place but in the winter it is a secluded oasis. (acrylic)


That beautiful expressive face.  Extremely intelligent and just draws me in. (ink)

Pink Sky in the Morning

That old adage about pink sky in the morning being a predictor or a storm.  Is it true? (acrylic)

Blue Heron

Well not one of the most recent but one of my most popular pieces. (ink)

Prints Prints Prints
of Judy’s original artwork

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Prints Prints Prints
of Judy’s original artwork

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Mugs, Water Bottles,  Stickers, Pins, Shower Curtains, Bath Mats, etc. etc.

with Judy’s designs on
“RED BUBBLE” click here

Red Bubble – Judy Horan

Beautiful Silk, Cashmere & Cotton Scarves, Handbags, Jewellery, Placemats, Coasters,  etc. etc.

with Judy’s designs on
“VIDA”  click here

Vida – Judy Horan

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